How to use e-books for network marketing

e-book marketing is one of the relatively hot Wangzhuan, network promotion, by putting some of the demand of information users into e-books, which comes with the information of product information, contact or link to complete drainage or marketing, and then put on the platform, direct precise coverage to potential users. Today we will talk about the use of e-books for network marketing.

first look at an example, Baidu search sea more than the chain, you can see a lot of e-book downloads, which is the e-book marketing.


Just click to download a

in the open, you can get the chain resources mass, the operator has a large collection of users outside the chain of resources, are of great value for the webmaster, so what a lot of people will be downloaded after four share, because this is the integration of resources. This is the operator to see the e-book, the more widely spread, the more favorable to him, because of the greater amount of exposure, the promotion of information inside the e-book will get more show, naturally potential users get more browsing.


this case, I will not say more, we see at a glance, focus on e-book marketing operation.

e-book content collection production

e-book marketing from the technical point of view is very simple, the first is to tap the user needs pain points, what they need. Then only we are collecting all the information from the search engine, WeChat, micro-blog, and other books in the channel, and carefully screened, and finally finishing the promotion of information embedded e-book produced can be, if you are lazy, the direct use of word, PDF format e-books can also be.

For example,

SEO you are doing, you can collect some basic knowledge of SEO, and then made into electronic with your links or contacts; such as you do slimming products Taobao customers, you can collect the information about weight loss, and then made into electronic band on your product links, such as you are do the decoration, you can collect professional information about the decoration, but also a sense of the other.

no matter what you do, e-book content collection must be careful, the most basic are doing well it is futile, these users need to understand this knowledge, you also need a good e-book to meet their needs, once your content authority professional, users will be very natural to accept your promotion of goods. The e-book content should be carefully selected, select the best authority of the whole article, illustrated in the editing process should be properly and logically arranged coherent. And then promote the information is naturally integrated into the e-book.

everything is ready, you can use e-books to generate software will be made of e-books, such a lot of software on the Internet, my blog, "SEO tools Daquan" inside there. Said in front of

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