Biography Wenzhou Jie Xun telecom network under the huge loss of broadband charges boss suspected fo

China IDC Review Network 06, reported on June 5, 2012: Changde, Wenzhou Jie Xun agent network in Hunan Telecom room all broken network, according to the Hunan Telecom confirmed Mr. Wong. Wenzhou Jie Xun network owes Changde Telecom huge bandwidth costs can not repay. But Jie Xun network salesman also confirmed that not only Changde Telecom bandwidth costs, even Wenzhou Telecom also owes a huge cost (no broken network). The company has been dissolved was empty, the boss disappear without a trace.

site name: Jie Xun network

Enterprise Name: Wenzhou Xun network Mdt InfoTech Ltd

company address: room 907, Shuang Le building, Lucheng District, Zhejiang,


electric words: 0577-88737111/88706269

true: 0577-88706265

email: [email protected]

web site:

set up time: 2008-9-10

registered capital: 1 million

business license: Zhejiang B2-20080095

is currently the official website of the official website of a fast moving to a virtual host management page. Starting from 6.6. Victims to establish their own rights groups, trying to negotiate with Hunan Telecom official micro-blog. Hunan Telecom confirmed and responded: the victim should communicate with the Wenzhou fast network Mdt InfoTech Ltd.



is even more bizarre in the deserted office, Jie Xun network has a customer service line, and announced that Changde Telecom declared independence, took over by a responsible person named Li Bo, who is Li Bo Jie Xun network staff in Changde office for the telecommunications room duty technician. At the same time, Li Bo and the customer said: if you want to copy simultaneous data or a machine will need to sign a one-year deal, but according to the cost of Telecom managed standard 7000 yuan a year, before all the contract is declared invalid. No matter how much money to pay as did not pay a penny, not out of the machine and can not copy the data.

we hope to be able to get enough attention from the relevant departments to protect our legitimate rights and interests. The morning of June 8th, the station has been confirmed from several Jie correspondent work, outstanding news network 20 employees a total of about 100000 of wages has not issued, and said that the collective to the local labor bureau, the station will also continue to focus on the progress of the matter.

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