Yang Fan how to do network planning

today, Yang Fan talk about the enterprise if you want to do a good job of network planning to seize the three core elements – the city, things, potential!

a, market

no matter what kind of website to do, market analysis is necessary.

Shi Yuzhu venture was disastrous, because there is no serious market analysis.

market analysis includes the following 4 points:

1 user audience

what kind of crowd for the web site? Age, gender, geographical location, Internet habits, such as these groups are what?

final can be expected to bring to the user with the initial site coincide.

2 competitor analysis

competitors are generally divided into two categories, one is now a direct competitor, the second category is likely to be a competitor.

analysis of competitors’ business, promotion methods, user loyalty, background, set up time, share of the market share, etc..

3 self positioning and core competence

analysis of competitors to identify trends in the industry and competitors.

In order to find out the difference between the

and its competitors, the author tries to find out the advantages of this breakthrough.

(such as: brand advantage, price advantage, service advantage, innovation advantage, quality advantage, etc.)

4 market opportunities

users, competitors and their own determination, the last important thing is to analyze whether the market really needs your product or service.

you may sell the product, the user does not have the habit of buying in the network, are more likely to have your users with the Internet will not be.

opportunity, of course, can not be missed; but a mistake, it is not missed but fault.

two, doing

and in to the customer network planning into the second step work stage, the 10 big strategy.

1 website theme

(1) site name

(2) domain name

(3) advertising language

(4) site description

(5) website keywords

2 website column

(1) user oriented

for each column

(2) each column can play a role for the site

(3) who is responsible for each column

(4) each column under the content update rate is how long

(5) the source of each column is where. Original? Reprint? Or user?

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