Honey bud CEO Liu Nan do not boss, when the net red!

on Baidu search honey bud Liu Nan, you can find 316000 results.

China as the biggest vertical maternal electricity supplier at the helm, Liu Nan has been in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. Over the years, whether it is praise or criticism of her article, more or less will spread around a point: female entrepreneurs.

in fact, Liu Nan’s identity is not strong for this identity: this label does not make her feel particularly proud, did not become barriers to entrepreneurship. Most of the time, her performance, personal independence of conduct talented Peking University, stay-at-home mom, Taobao owner, unicorn enterprise CEO – in the past 5 years more than men, she constantly break the existing life trajectory, fast switching in different track. She is accustomed to being labeled a variety of labels, and hand piece torn off.

Liu Nan is not used to talking about "success", she felt that she was just doing her own thing.


[head] honey bud founder and CEO Liu Nan

"net red" Liu Nan:

Complete platform of embedded raid "professional Reds"

a month

Liu Nan recently posted a label on his own initiative: red.

July 20th, Shanghai National Convention center. 240 thousand square meters of international exhibition site Chinese baby. Liu Nan had built a glass of 270° transparent studio, and brand executives holding milk, diapers talking beam with joy. The glass outside the room, surrounded by the masses watch; camera, more than 100 thousand of the powder mother watching live side to buy buy buy. As a result of interest, Liu Nan began to take the initiative to add drama: I do not do CEO, I want to do network red!

many people thought it was a joke. However, in doing this, Liu Nan is serious.

time goes back a month. Liu Nan and her team began to "plot" red network plan to build: the completion of the development, function and embedded platform live on-line beta in the shortest period of time. At the same time, to find a dozen professional Reds – active on the Internet mother KOL Master, architecture of a series of suction eye live scheme. Then, honey bud went to Shanghai to play the enclosure of 240 thousand square meters of large live, not only their own Hi, the audience Hi, even the brand side hi. For example, in the high cold known imported brands "," Michael immediately announced that 100 out of seven and Cameron with a scooter presented to watch live powder.


explanation: on July 19-22, Liu Nan led the team in Shanghai live, accumulated hundreds of thousands of people online watch live

dates back to five years ago. There was no honey bud, and Liu Nan was a full-time mother. Every day in addition to take care of the children, is interested.

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