NACV talk about the importance of the forum to promote the sofa, bench

we know that no matter what search engines, including Google, Baidu, YAHOO, their robots, all rely on the link in the web crawl, crawl the web. So, how much of your site back to the chain of your site for the search engine exposure.

, however, it should be noted that the exposure rate is not equal to the reported rate. I mean, although the search engines crawl your site (to the search engine exposure), but not necessarily in the search results (report).

this is one of the factors determining the rate of return to the weight of the page where the


Google launched PageRank as everyone knows, the open patent technology is used to distinguish between the page weight, although Baidu, YAHOO and other search engines do not publish technology similar to, but I have reason to believe that they definitely have something similar! So, return to the page where the weight chain is very important, important even more than the return chain the number of.

but we know, want to get back to a chain high weight of the page, it is very difficult! Sometimes it is almost impossible (for example, a new station to get high quality return chain, out of their stations to chain, almost impossible).

this time, the forum signature provides us with a good opportunity. Because the signature can be linked, so that when we reply in some posts, you can increase the number of chain back to us; but this is not enough, we also need quality.

we know that some posts, although within the page, but PR is very high, I saw a post up to 5 PR, the specific is not given, so some people say that I am AD, imagine, if we can leave your links in this post, it is a wonderful thing ah.

but you may be disappointed, even if you are in this high weight post back to the post, you can not be divided into high weight. This is because of the URL problem.

to DZ forum program as an example, the general post address format: http://s. domain name.Com/thread-AAA-B-C.html, which AAA said the post post is the first of several posts in the forum, B said the current page this post is the first of several paging this post.

this time, even if you reply in the post, your links appear position is at the end of the day post, know the first few pages, for search engines, including your links page and the high weight of the page is completely two pages, it is not possible to transmit weights. Your link has lost its meaning.

at this time, grab the sofa, the importance of the bench is reflected.

as long as you in this post out, left a message, then no matter how your signature links appear in the attached page, which means you get a super high weight chain



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