CCTV with CNTV platform to join the main force of the electricity supplier to push the main navigati

e-commerce "national team" and a new action. The reporter learned yesterday, CCTV’s CNTV (Chinese network television) will be 22 this month officially launched e-commerce business CNTV mall, the business has been low-key beta, the main products to provide navigation services.

CNTV insiders, CNTV mall, namely China television network e-commerce marketing platform will be officially launched this month 22 days, will be combined with a number of media and e-commerce enterprises set up internet information anti fake alliance ", supervise and regulate the electronic commerce environment.

login CNTV found that the mall business has been on the line and use the main push, navigation, navigation, navigation and other business covers group purchase hot e-commerce site links, including special channels of CCTV’s QVC Company in shopping. It is worth mentioning that, different from the traditional 123 site navigation, CNTV mall in the home directly display specific product pictures, prices and the source website, after the user clicks into the source sites such as Taobao mall to buy.

according to the website announcement, CNTV mall has reached a partnership with Jingdong mall, intime network, Haier and other electricity supplier companies and entities. Reporters rough statistics found that its basic navigation links covering domestic e-commerce companies, Taobao mall, handle network, Gome (micro-blog) are listed.

but the insiders did not disclose whether the CNTV business expanded to buy directly from the navigation, "it needs more manpower and storage system, the mall project group has just been established, the development direction is not released".

in fact, this is not the first time the test of e-commerce e-commerce. Last September, CNTV signed a strategic cooperation with the China Chamber of Commerce signed, is expected to enter the 3C online shopping platform, but has not been below. In August this year, the "electric deep throat" said the vice president Gong Wenxiang broke the news: CCTV Huaqiang North online recruitment website chief technology officer, out of the annual salary of 600 thousand -100 million."

analysts believe that the national team force e-commerce market trend is becoming increasingly apparent. COFCO early to rely on its own industrial chain, the line "I bought net" main food online shopping areas; China post also teamed up with TOM group, B2C line department store "ule" and with the rapid expansion of Postal Logistics advantage; CCTV resources than the difference of state-owned enterprises.

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