Catch These Perfect Pokemon Gifts

first_imgPokeballs are where you keep your lovable Pokemon. They rest inside, ready to pop out and help you or battle for you whenever you call on them. For a long time, those PokeBalls looked pretty boring. They were red-and-white balls without much flair. But in recent years, in the games and the shows, trainers have had access to increasingly flamboyant designs. Now you can commission a PokeBall with any number of designs, like lightning bolts and cool lighting.$29.99+ from Etsy, Buy it HereStarry Night Pikachu Water ColorI like my video game art like I like my drinks: classy and sophisticated. If that’s your Pokefan’s aesthetic, you might want to consider this riff on Van Gough’s “Starry Night.” It’s a gorgeous watercolor centering on the franchise’s number one mascot — Pikachu. You can get them in several sizes ranging from 8×8 all the way up to 25×25 and there a few different designs other favorite ‘mon like Charizard.$18.00+ from Etsy, Buy it HerePokeball PostersIf paintings aren’t your jam, you can also grab a series of posters showing off some of the different kinds of Pokeballs. These original designs include depictions of some of the Pokemon that might live inside as well. If that’s not really your thing, you can find all kinds of original fan-made designs on Etsy ranging from stylized paintings of the original starters to dramatized scenes from the show. I cannot stress enough that if you just can’t seem to find the perfect thing for your Pokemon-obsessed friend, you might want to check Etsy.$20.00+ from Etsy, Buy it HerePokemon Coffee MugThere is no life without coffee. Or at least that’s how I operate. And if you’ve got an adult Pokemon fan in your life, chances are pretty good they love their java as much as their Pikachu. Why not get them a comforting reminder of their nostalgia and a portal to a blissful morning all in one?$14.99 from ThinkGeek, Buy it HereRealistic Pokemon StatuesThere’ve been a bunch of images floating around online showing what Pokemon might look like if they were a bit more… y’know… real. And one intrepid Etsy creator decided to start making plaster statues of these stylized versions of the lovable critters. You can commission whichever Pokemon you want by talking to the artist, and they’re a surprisingly good deal for what you get. So if creepy custom art is your jam, check these out.$59.00 from Etsy, Buy it Here Let’s be honest. From the beginning, Pokémon’s mostly been about the merchandise. Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have been all about the toys and the accessories and how those tie into the games and the show. With a motto like “Gotta Cath ’em All,” you can’t really expect anything else. The series is tailor made to suck money from your wallet.But… who cares, right? Like we get it. Pretty much all of modern nerd fandom is shuffling money around, and we all *know.* Plus, what’s the harm in giving Nintendo a few more bucks if you get a cute plushie?ZERO, I say. So with that… slight tangent, here are some of our picks for the best gifts to get your favorite Pokemaniac. Because the world of Pokémon merch is so diverse, we made this list to give you an idea of what’s out there, and who the major sellers are. If you’re a bit comfier giving money to another dedicated fan vs. Nintendo, Etsy is always a great bet, but we’ve also included Amazon, ThinkGeek, and a few others just to give you some extra options.AdChoices广告Pokemon Sun and MoonPokemon Sun and Moon are the next major entries in the 22-year-old franchise. With dozens of new pocketable monster, a bevy of new features, and a totally new region of the Pokemon world to explore, they’re going to dominate the scene in the coming months. They aren’t out quite yet, but if you’ve got a special Pokemon fan in your life and you know they weren’t already planning on grabbing the games, it’d be hard to go wrong here.$31.99 from Amazon, Buy it HerePokemon Go PlusWhile Pokemon Go may have fizzled out a bit since the summer, it’s still a wildly popular augmented reality mobile game for millions of players. The problem, of course, is that you still have to keep your phone out and the app open for it to work. That drains battery power and keeps you from using all the other features of your smartphone. With the Pokemon Go Plus, though, you can use your phone normally, and the gadget will notify you when you’re near a Pokestop, try to catch Pokemon for you, and help you hatch eggs without torching your battery.$55.00, Buy it HereKalos Region PokeDexThe PokeDex is the most basic tool for any Pokemon trainer. In a second it’ll analyze which Pokemon you’ve seen and spit out a few basic facts about the kinds of areas they like to live, how large they tend to be, and what their lives are like. This officially licensed bit of merchandise works for all Kalos-region Pokemon, which is the setting for Pokemon X and Y. Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued, but there are still plenty available for now. It works by scanning in figurines (sold separately, because of course, they are) and then gives some basic information on the Pocket Monster.$11.99 from Amazon, Buy it HereSnorlax Plushie HatYou, like all rational people, wish you could be a Snorlax. I know this because Snorlax(es?) are wonderful. Delightfully plump, carefree, super-powerful and amazingly awesome. Unfortunately, you can’t just *be* a Snorlax. They’re not… real. But! You can get a cute beanie with a Snorlax face on it and pretend.$8.86 from Amazon, Buy it HereSpecial Edition Kanto Gym BadgesIn our Ultimate Geek Store, we listed fan-made Pokemon badges that you could get for about $50 for a set. I’d still recommend you check those out, but if you want the officially licensed version, you can get those too… for a price. They run $179.95, come with a display and are remarkably well-made. But… for three times the cost. Not saying it’s necessarily a good value, just saying fair is fair and we showed you one, so we should probably show the other.$179.95 from the Pokemon Center, Buy it HereSpecial Edition Pokemon 3DS with Solgaleo and LunalaEvery new batch of Pokemon games with a new set of legendaries. Over the years, these creatures have fleshed out the Pokemon world’s creation myth. This batch features Solgaleo and Lunala, which are basically a sun-lion and a moon-bat respectively. If you’re in the market for a New New 3DS (yes that makes sense with Nintendo’s console naming scheme) then you can grab a special Pokemon edition New 3DS with this generations two legendaries features prominently on the back.$199.99 from Amazon, Buy it HereCustomized Light-up PokeBalllast_img read more